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Live Fire Drill Cards

BURNETT Live Fire Drill Cards™ provides practice tools in the form of our uniquely designed drill cards that allow the measurement of shooting performance and the retention of results.  Drill cards are the heart of the LFDC training log and our simple three-part system that also includes log cards for your notes and loadout cards to track what you shoot with and how you carry.
The utility of the individual drill cards and binder offers unparalleled options and flexibility to create a full selection of drill cards as included in the training log or any unique combination or number of drill cards to work on a specific skill or course curriculum. Change your training course? Just change the selection – no reprinting or obsolete books. And as always, LFDC does not charge to create drill cards or put together drill card sets for Trainers. And please keep the new drills coming!


You can select drills to build skills from where you are, be it novice or expert, and experience the thrill of shooting a drill to the standard you never thought was possible. It’s a simple premise – if you don’t measure performance and look back to compare, how can you know what to work on or if you’ve improved? LFDC in combination with your professional Trainer solves those exact problems.


You can offer students specially selected sets of drills so they continue to build and reinforce the skills learned in each training class and then continue with more advanced training. Please see the many products we have to help you stay their favorite trainer and build the business you love.

Training Log

LOG-002 The Live Fire Drill Cards Handgun Training Log (with 45 drills D-001 to D-045).


The Live Fire Drill Cards Handgun training Log (with 45 drills D-001 to D-045).


This Training Log has everything you need to track your improvement if you are just learning to shoot or have developed advanced skills.  Includes all 45 fun and popular drills. The soft, half size leatherette binder is comfortable to use and easily fits into most range bags. If you have just completed a concealed carry class, buy this training log.

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Trial pack

We asked how we could help encourage more students to practice what they learn in class and here are come comments that stood out.

“If I had a selection of drills and could quickly choose those that fit each specific training class , at a low cost.”

“Drill cards would be a convenient way to provide drills for the student’s to shoot when they leave.”

“The fact that drill cards are a system that promotes recording results is also a big plus.”

After much collaboration, we developed Trial Packs. Provide “homework” that extends your training into your world of practice!

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