An Occupational Benefit of Doing Research on Gun Culture


Gun Culture 2.0

I have written in the past about the fact that one of the occupational hazards of being a gun researcher is being around guns a lot but not shooting much.

There is a flip side to that coin also. Having spent a lot of time traveling the country investigating American gun culture, I have had the chance to meet many, many people who are extremely knowledgeable and generous in sharing that knowledge.

This is true both for purposes of my research and my (not entirely unrelated) aspiration to become a better shooter this year. For example, Steve Hendricks of Custom Tactical Services, who I met at Gunsite Academy last summer, talked to me for 45 minutes the other day about good dry fire practices. I have already put his advice into practice.

 Rangemaster Steven Hendricks demonstrating marksmanship fundamentals at Gunsite Academy 250 Defensive Pistol Course, June 2017. Photo…

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