Appendix Carry


The following is not in favor of or against appendix carry, but rather an observation of the argument against it.

I try to listen when knowledgeable people discuss tactics and techniques, I’ve learned a great deal because of someone else’s perspective on a given topic.  Likewise, I will call BS when I hear it.  When you use BS to support your position, you lose credibility.  When I was told, you couldn’t use the slide stop to close the slide on your handgun because of the loss of fine motor skills, I immediately knew that was BS.  If you think using the slide stop is a bad idea, fine, just use a better argument.

The same goes for Appendix Carry.  I keep hearing “you are going to shoot your junk off.”  I get it, some people hate appendix carry but… there is no evidence that supports the notion you are more likely to unintentionally shoot yourself just because you carry in the appendix position.  I have, unfortunately, been present on more than one occasion when someone shot themselves re-holstering their handgun.  Not once was it a result of the holster location.  You don’t like Appendix Carry, fine, use better argument.