Hunting Culture in Gun Culture 2.0: Where Are the Trucks and Bucks?

Gun Culture 2.0

The concept of Gun Culture 2.0 suggests that hunting and traditional target shooting have become less central to gun culture over time. But gun culture itself may have also become more pluralized. Hunting, in this view, is still a vibrant part of gun culture but it is more of a niche market than the primary driver (which is self-defense, according to GC2.0).

As I have not written much about hunting, I am glad that one of my students, Natalie Wilson, did her Sociology of Guns seminar paper this year on hunting culture (the assignment can be found on the course syllabus). The text of that paper is reproduced below, with her permission.

By Natalie Wilson, Wake Forest University

The recent protest wave sparked by the tragic high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has generated wide support for a number of gun control measures. One key demand of these movements…

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