My political position as a gun owner won’t surprise anyone but…

Why does anyone need an AR15?  You are not entitled to an answer to that question.  The U.S. Constitution says I can have one or not, my choice.  Just like I’m not entitled to ask why the Tide Pod eating Millennial wants to complain about my AR15.  Their choice.  I don’t have to listen; I can turn off the TV/radio/computer etc., or walk away.  If I am going to listen, complaining about them exercising their rights sounds as bad as their complaints about my AR15.  I should applaud their voice.  If I don’t like their message, I can refute their “facts” (which has proven ridiculously easy.)  When they (liberals) make an argument personal, they do so to create an emotional response.  Don’t take it personal, respond with logic and facts.

Arm the teachers.  Yes, and no.  As a blanket statement NO!  Most of these liberal commie teachers don’t want guns.  “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” (Jeff Cooper.)  We know the sooner these nuts (active shooters) are challenged with effective pressure ,the sooner these events end.  If a teacher is willing, and wants to take the necessary steps of learning and training to an appropriate level, then YES!  Advocating to place any class of person(s) in schools with guns (teachers, retired LE, former Military) should come with the caveat, “properly trained.”  Pointing out the incidents of teachers having negligent discharges or leaving guns in restrooms is deceptive.  If you think these things don’t happen to Law Enforcement and military members you are sadly mistaken.  Teachers have the same potential to be sufficiently qualified as our Law Enforcement personnel.  Remember, some of these teachers have backgrounds conducive to tactical training.

Remain calm.  Jon the NRA (or pro-gun group of your choice), VOTE!  Elections at every level matter.

Get out and train.