“Should we really care?”

Bullet Points

“should we really care?”

I try to avoid anything more than the simplest comments on social media. I however, lost my mind and entered a conversation in regard to the Facebook post of the Oregon City Police Department destroying firearms with the help of Benchmade Knife Co.  Knowing how these things go, I should have picked a better forum to express my opinion/thoughts (like here.)  It can be difficult, in the space provided in a Facebook post, to accurately convey one’s position. Soon, comments are made, feeling are hurt, and it goes downhill from there.

The comment that set me off was, “In the end it doesn’t effect anybody so should we really care?” Well… yes, we should care.  I was even taken to task with “Because they helped a local PD destroy some old guns? Come on, Steve.”  I think both miss the big picture.  Imagine – I’m just one person, why should I bother voting?  I don’t own any AR15’s so who cares?  I get to keep my Hi-cap magazines, so the new law is no big deal. What I’m pointing out is the “attitude.”  In this case, we’ll make an exception, it doesn’t affect anybody else. Really?

I try not to go off half-cocked.  I try to verify, as best I can, before forming any conclusions.  There are a variety of factors specific to my decision to no longer patronize Benchmade Knife Co.  I came to those conclusions, not based on the Facebook post, but on the information I learned as a result of looking into the post.

A couple issues relative to Benchmade helping to destroy those firearms.  Oregon City Police said the guns were ordered to be destroyed.  By who? It is my experience, rarely (if ever), does a judge just order evidence destroyed without a request.  A disposition must be determined so evidence is handled/disposed of properly.  Like it or not, firearms used in the commission of a crime are still personal property.  If the firearms were stolen and used criminally, the owner still has the right to recover his/her property.

Oregon City Police said, “we don’t sell guns.” That is simply an anti-gun position.  Law enforcement agencies across the country routinely trade-in forfeited firearms to offset the cost of acquiring equipment, including new firearms.  Not a crime to do so.  The only reasons not to, 1) anti-gun.

Supporting someone does not mean always saying yes. They could have said NO!  No doubt there are facts/circumstances I may not be aware of here, I can only base my decisions on what I know. That being said, those aren’t the only reasons I won’t be spending my money on Benchmade products.  The short, to-the-point is, their (Benchmade) financial/political support goes almost exclusively to anti-gun liberals.

Don’t get to wrapped around the Oregon City Police/Benchmade thing. This whole rant is about attitude.  Not so much Benchmade’s, but those who simply don’t care because it doesn’t directly impact hem.  Our second amendment is as much at risk as it has ever been.  When we start thinking “should we really care” the answer is yes.  Whether it be voting by ballot or by wallet, it matters.