Developing a Personal Protection Plan and securing your Home – Home Defense


There are many instances in which art does not imitate life. For example, you watched a movie the other night and saw a good guy reach into his nightstand drawer, pull out a gun and fend off an intruder.

While many movies and television shows portray fending off bad guys as simple tasks, that is hardly the case. When you find yourself in a situation in which you must defend yourself or your family, it will be extremely stressful.

All too often, people fantasize about the heroics of taking a bad guy out using a gun. But it is these very same people who fail to prepare and gain the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to better defend their castle.

What we are getting at is that the better choice is to do what you can to avoid having to encounter a home intruder. You can do this by developing a personal protection plan and making sure it is difficult to break into your home in the first place.

Custom Tactical Service, your source for Home Defense and Concealed Carry classes, offers ways to protect your home.

Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is the first step in home protection. Your neighbors are your eyes and ears when you aren’t around and they can take action should they see anything suspicious going on at your place.

Clean Your Yard

It sounds silly, but cleaning your yard will help protect your home. If you have a yard full of cool gadgets, bikes and whatnot, thieves will think you probably have cool stuff inside your house as well. Don’t tempt them.

Trim the Bushes

As much as you hate yard work, you should still keep up with trimming the bushes and trees. You don’t want nice hiding spots thieves can use. If there is no place to hide in your yard, thieves will move on to another house.

Think about a Dog

You don’t need to own a team of Rottweilers to keep your home safe from intruders. Even a small dog may be enough to thwart a burglar.

Thieves don’t like big dogs that could hurt them. They also hate little dogs because they bark and that makes it harder to go unnoticed.

Build a Fence

A fence is an excellent way to keep unwanted visitors off of your property. A solid fence will give an intruder a place to hide, a chain-link fence cannot conceal a thief.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting is an easy and inexpensive way to add protection to your home. Add a little light to dark corners of your home and keep intruders at bay.

Scout For Weaknesses

The best way to protect your home is by taking a look at it through the eyes of a home invader. Walk around your house at night and look for anything that could trigger a burglary.  For example, peek into your living room window and see if you can spot anything worth breaking in for, like an expensive watch or other jewelry on the end table.

Expensive items should always be out of sight so they don’t tempt people.

Develop a plan

You must develop your plan of action in advance.  If an emergency happens, you are not going to come up with a brilliant plan to solve the problem.  Under extreme stress, you will do what you prepared to do.  If that is nothing, nothing is what you will do.

And if you do buy a gun to protect your home and family, make sure you take gun safety courses.  Call Custom Tactical Services today for courses in Home Defense, Developing a personal Protection Plan and of course, Concealed Carry.